Little Bluestem / Built Work

These are all shots of native Little Bluestem grass meadows we seeded from scratch, using seed harvested on-island in the wild. Some show bluestem with its reddish fall color, at 2 years. Others with its green summer color, also at 2 years. Some of a new Bluestem meadow being prepared for seeding, plus the same meadow right after seeding with an acre of erosion netting covering it during germination. Another is of Bluestem meadow grass as seedlings at 6 weeks. […]


Native Plant Material

The samples, above, are of native plant material, as such. Mostly growing at my nursery … but not only. They are divided between photos of native Sandplain Grassland (i.e., meadow) wildflowers and of native wetland plants.


Landscapes Situations Using Native Plants

Landscaped situations using native plants